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tv   Senate Minority Leader Schumer  CSPAN  March 25, 2019 11:00pm-11:27pm EDT

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senate minority leader customer spoke at aipac and talked about calling out anti-stamine is him -- seminism in all forms. ♪ [applause] >> hello, everybody. strong. it is great to be here among friends. i want to take your great leadership and of course my
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.ellow new yorker they sweat blood and tears for israel every day. thank god we have them here. i want to thank all of you for being here. to start, i would like to talk a little bit about my family. i know many of you are like family to me. filled withs been -- like my family. a few weeks later, my older daughter told us she was pregnant with our first grandchild. date, november 18. we prayed that the baby would be
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early or late and got listen to our prayers because a very pregnant jessica joined our family for beautiful wedding and born.days later, he was [applause] -- 4rned for yesterday yesterday. he is already a genius. he is already an einstein. willing, they are noah's great-grandparents and got my dad willflag day turn 96. turn 91, my mom will and we will celebrate with their new great-grandchild their 70th anniversary together.
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family is just a great part of the american dream. my father was in a 10 -- can exterminator and my sister want a card with all the chemicals smelling. in america, could next terminator son grow up to be the first jewish leader in the senate of united states of america. as i reflect on my family, i cannot help but think what kind of society we are going to lead to the next generation and a
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generation after that. tonight, i wish to speak andonally about my support the need to maintain a strong -- strong bipartisan relationship. that jewish communities across the globe are facing. the security of is real is and has always been america's national interest, but i fear that many of our younger generation don't feel that same threats. that is a fundamental problem we must confront head-on. that is certainly not true here at aipac. our young people know the story and the importance of israel and
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i know there are several thousand students here tonight. let us applaud you for being here and helping the cause of israel. we need you and love you. but, we know that this problem of ignorance about israel's difficult history is a two large-scale, particularly among young people, so it is incumbent to explain that history to everson a member of the younger generation, jew and non-jew alike. threats to israel are not just in the past, but very much in the present and the future. my friends, when i think of my timeson, who was born at a
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, i think about what i will tell him when he is old enough. i will tell him that as a young class remember walking to with a transistor radio. the news reports that came about the six day war, praying how israel would be washed into the city. -- they were waging a campaign against zionist imperialists, saying israel had no right and how when they tried to shout -- he saidhe and his
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you certainly cheer when anyone estate, but you do not share when the jewish people achieve their dream of a homeland in the anti-zionist slinked out in chain. him that his grandfather become overwhelmed by emotion and break down in tears when he saw him for the first time. noah, just like many of you will tell your children and grandchildren that this is the bread of affliction and every generation, they have tried to afflict us.
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we have even found levity by summarizing all jewish holidays with three short sentences. they tried to kill us, we survived, let's see. thank god my friends we live in america, where people have had every opportunity to survive and thrive and think god that after wondering the desert, the jewish people were finally able to return. there is no question the jewish people have come a long way in the past 70 years, but i still feel a great deal of inside he as i know all of you do in this room, looking at world today were threats to the jewish
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people are growing and have been for some time, so we must remind them that they can send -- cannot send rockets into israel to kidnap and kill and that the regime still plots to undermine israel in every way. , who thinksg or old these threats are not real, should read today's newspaper. >> she said the rocket this .orning was sent by mistake they made the same claim two weeks ago with two rockets fired
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at tel aviv and what about the barrage of rockets hamas fired just a few hours ago. were those a mistake? israel has every right to respond, just as any other nation would. israelrces would condemn for responding, but no government can allow its civilians to be subject to attack time and time again and i stand soldier -- shoulder to shoulder condemning those attacks and doing what they must to defend their homeland. none of these enemies believe that a jewish state in any form should exist. we must never forget that. my friends, to do all this come up we must keep the relationship
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. we can only help to defend israel from the stress, so long as we maintain a united front, democrats and republicans together. this has been a mission for me. i am proud that the overwhelming majority of democrats are pro-israel and have always been. , democratsongress to it personost enshrined for years to come and reminded of the important -- importance of that whenever they are supported.
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it exists in part due to a long-standing of bipartisan support of congress. mission which a prevents american dollars from benefiting the palestinians payments totop those who commit brutal acts of terror. who signede democrat a letter to the secretary-general, expressing concern about their vicious anti-israel bias and democrats united unanimously supported the assistance authorization act. happens to be blocked by a republican senator, but it would be wrong to separate -- to say he represents the entire party.
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not only is it false to say democrats are anti-israel, it is the -- it also hurts u.s.-israel relationship. maintain thenue to bipartisan relationship through thick and then. israel depends on it. >> even during the days that democrats had vast majorities, those are the days. a lead-- always included sponsor because of the foundation of our relationship must remain bipartisan as it has been for decades. i tell you this. those who seek to use israel as
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a means to score political , our politics maybe more polarized than ever, but it is incumbent on all of us who care relationshiprael to keep it bipartisan and keep the polarization of washington away from poisoning to bipartisan support that israel has always enjoyed. friends, we must also continue to stand firm against the movement. movementng opposed the itsuse too many of supporters cannot believe the jewish people have a right to any state and their homeland,
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whatever the size and boundaries. we must be clear about this movement. it,k anybody who supports particularly young people to and wer the following must make sure they know it. even before israel came into existence, boycotts were used as opposed of those who the very existence of the jewish state. during the 20's and 30's, arab palestine,anized in calling for the picketing of jewish businesses and strikes that evolved into violence. as soon as israel came into talk, and official board and soon after, a boycott of anyone who did business with
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israel. some of you my age will remember that in those days we were so proud of air france, every other airline boycotted israel and would not fly there. others were participating and we must never majork to the day when companies boycott israel as they did in the 50's and 60's. more than 30 years would pass because the boycott was broken by egypt and still today, there are nations that actively enforce a primary boycott. they must be understood person ,oremost that the next chapter make no mistake about it, the founders did not believe in any
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state in israel and to many of its leading components want nothing more than for israel to disappear. than theurther movements founder, who said we oppose a jewish state in any part of palestine and he also said jews are not a people. , wheneverl experience i speak and argue with those, i asked them a very simple question. do you support a jewish state? many will say too no, they do not support a jewish state. that is not a disagreement over policy, over borders, it is a
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disagreement over israel's agreement to exist and we must never accept that kind of this agreement. from the moment they drew their , ist breast -- first breast will always stand with israel against those who seek to do her harm by any other means. ask -- just as we must educate, a threat to the jewish people. thatpoison, the same one chased jewish people and killed , it made usle foreigners in our own countries,
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that same pores and cannot be .llowed to fester here in the last decade, there has been a research and it always seems to have grown. in the past few years, there has been a resurgence in america. massacre waseatest perpetrated by a white supremacist in pittsburgh. and 17, the largest increase in harassment and assault of jewish institutions. you, feel the same alarm that fat -- past generations .ave felt
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when we read about jewish cemeteries, when we watch white , chanting jews will not replace us, when we hear about a man who walks in to it solemns, we have obligation to hold our tongues, but call it out with courage, clarity and when someone names prominent jews as trying to buy or steal our elections, we must call without. when someone says that being jewish and supporting israel means you are not loyal, we must call it out. when someone looks at a neo-nazi rally and sees some very fine people among the company, we must call it out.
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that moneye suggests drives support for israel, we must call it out. we are here because we support the only jewish state in the of america'sause interest to support israel. any suggestion to the contrary is hurtful and wrong. to say that afraid it is wrong and hurtful, but even more than that, these age old anti-semitic tropes are false and must renounce them. you can be a jew and care about them and it doesn't make you any less of an american. you can be all at once
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completely jewish, completely pro-israel and completely american. and, we are. [applause] >> that is what makes this country so exceptional. to say anything otherwise is completely false and has no place on public discourse, so we nism call out anti-semi whenever we hear it. it will always be wrong to use it as a political weapon, always and if you only care about it coming from your political opponents, you are not fully committing to fighting it.
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[applause] conclusion,s, and this matters a great deal. the fact that today, we must once again faced anti-semitism and is a reminder of what israel has meant. long before my name ever appeared, long before i thought about being an elected official, i grew up hearing and in 1941, when the nazis invaded ukraine, they asked my grandmother together her children and their children on the porch of her home. they said you come with us, we will not leave and they gunned from age 12of them
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881. now, as a proud grandfather thelf, i carry with me stories of five generations of andmer's who did not escape those, including my grandparents . because of the tolerance and openness, their grandson could stand before you as the highest elected jewish official ever in america. [applause] we all cannot help but think we are the lucky ones. with theam not alone painful history of our people.
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each one of us has these stories witht is because we carry us, we feel so deeply about the cause and the friendship between the united states and israel. it is because of this history, i want israel to be there and always prosperous, always strong and always free. we must never forget what it friendshiphat the with united states means to -- meansthat freezone to securing that freedom. we will fight to protect the jewish people in america and in the state of israel. the people israel live. thank you, god bless you. aipac, keep up the great work. [applause]
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in his remarks to the aipac kevin mccarthy talked about congressional support for israel. this is just over 10 minutes. >> our next guest is a longtime leader on capitol hill and the top ranked republican in the house of representatives. house republicans leader kevin mccarthy has been an outspoken advocate for pro-israel legislation and a rising force behind the scenes to make sure to promote the safety and security of both america and israel. for years, he has been a senior many that have taken are


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